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Plastic Rollers - REMA TIP TOP /LSCE

The TQ roller is a completely new and patented transport roller that is manufactured from high quality synthetic material. The innovative features of the TQ rollers are the tube and the bearing cases made entirely from HDPE. This leads to noise-reduced operation, reduces wear and makes the roller 55% lighter than traditional steel rollers.

The TQ roller is the solution at locations where noise suppression is a problem. Acoustic measurements have shown that the reduction of ambient noise by 10 dB can be achieved, in comparison to traditional steel rollers. REMA TIP TOP has tested the roller extensively in various sectors: Bulk materials handling, sand and gravel industry, compost and recycling, cement and concrete, glass, compost, fertilising factories and so on.


LQ Roller LSCE
LQ Roller LSCE 2

Technical Data
Other dimensions also available on request.

 LQ Roller LSCE 3