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Minicombi A4,5 workshp kit

SKU: 5113209

Minicombi A4,5 workshp kit
Minicombi SingleMinicombi Single
Minicombi SingleMinicombi Single
Minicombi Repair ChartMinicombi Repair Chart
Minicombi Repair ChartMinicombi Repair Chart
Manufacturer: REMA TIP TOP AG

Combined patch/plug tyre repair for punctures to the tread of both radial and cross-ply tyres

Repair units self-vulcanize in the tyre

The tyre inside and the puncture channel are repaired in one operation

The ingression of moisture, dirt, stones or all materials that lead to premature deterioration of the casing and belts is prevented

Available with a practical and time-saving metal pilot

All MINICOMBI Combi Packs and workshop kits are supplied with FAST DRY CEMENT BL

Applicable for: Motorcycle, car, light truck, truck and tractor
For use with: Tread damage up to 4,5mm
Scope of Delivery:
  • 20 Repair units A4,5
  • 1 HSS steel cutter Ø 4,5mm
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 2 Tubes of Special Cement Fast Dry 25g
Weight: 319,3g