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  • Globalisation with smart solutions
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  • Streets are dangerous in autumn!


Welcome to Repair Tires & Tubes Balkan d.o.o.




 Repair Tires & Tubes Balkan d.o.o. is a regional operating company and stands for top quality and outstanding service. The state-of-the-art technology and pioneering innovations of our main supplier REMA TIP TOP ensures that our customers coming back for more. We provide and preserve the regional sales and service network in the interest of our main suppliers which contains to offer you both a wide range of efficient services and maximum customer proximity.

 RTT-Balkan Automotive Products

  Decide for the "smartest solution" - with REMA TIP TOP Automotive high quality products 



RTT-Balkan Industrial Solutions

  Decide for the "smartest solution" - with REMA TIP TOP Industrial high quality solutions 

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